Uprated Intercooler for Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 Turbo ZC33S


Code: FMINT16

The Forge Motorsport intercooler is a perfect performance enhancing product that fits directly to the OEM mounting points making for an easy install in a short period of time.

Our technicians at Forge have increased the core to its maximum possible size within the parameters of the available space. The core used for this application is our industry leading bar and plate design with curved end tanks to aid better air flow and keeping pressure drop to less than 1 PSI. This design was created using Solidworks CAD and by using flow simulations along with hours of analysing data, we have created a product that is far superior than the OE intercooler.

The core and end tanks are finished in either raw silver aluminium or with a black textured anti corrosion coating, which not only looks superb, but also gives this product added longevity in the harshest of environments.

Our 10-row bar and plate core has over 75% more volume and has increased the front surface area by more than 25% over the OE cooler ensuring the Forge intercooler is the largest currently available on the market. 

The new Forge intercooler is suitable for fitting with Suzuki’s active cruise control (ACC) and brake assist module without any modification.

The end results of our testing:

After more than six pulls on the dyno we still had super safe IAT’s (inlet air temps), and the Forge Motorsport intercooler gave results of 20°C, compared to the OE intercoolers 32°C intake temperatures after only one pull.

These tests took place in relatively cold conditions with an ambient dyno cell temperature of 14°C, proving how inefficient the stock intercooler is. In warmer climates, the OE intercooler along with higher inlet air temperatures will have a detrimental impact on the Suzuki’s engine, resulting in the factory’s ECU to pull out timing to prevent detonation; resulting in power loss. On a remapped vehicle, this will be even further highlighted. 

Results over the stock intercooler gave some impressive gains, with nearly 9BHP just from a direct intercooler swap. You will also see from the graph below that torque was improved throughout the rev range, with peak figures being almost 10Nm. 

Combined with our Forge stage one tune and high flow cold air induction kit we made an impressive 178bhp along with huge torque gains resulting in 275lbft of torque.

Dimensions OE Intercooler

690L x 120H x 50W mm
Frontal area 828cm²
Volume 4.1 Litres

Dimensions Forge Intercooler

690L x 150H 70W mm
Frontal area 1035cm²
Volume 7.2 Litres 

The Forge intercooler is supplied with detailed installation instructions which should take in the region of 1.5 hours to install.

­ Installed this bad boy last friday and the build quality is amazing, zero issues with fitment and the instructions are very good ­



  • Suzuki
    • Swift > Sport 1.4 Turbo (ZC33S)
    • Swift > Sport 1.4 Turbo (ZC33S) K14 Hybrid
    • Swift > Sport 1.4 Turbo (ZC33S) LHD