Induction Kit for Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 Turbo ZC33S (Left Hand Drive)


Code: FMINDK32

This intake is designed for LHD vehicles and will NOT fit the RHD version. For the RHD, see here.

After the success of our Intake system for the RHD Suzuki swift Sport (ZC33S), due to popular demand we wanted to give LHD swift owners an equivalent aftermarket intake filtration system. Several months of testing have been spent developing a kit with all the same qualities of our FMINDK29 kit which are:

  • Increase power and torque output
  • Improve the sound characteristics of the engine note
  • Improve the visual impact of the engine bay

During our testing, we found that the location of the original air box was susceptible to a vast amount of heat soak, which lead us to relocate the location of where the air filter/airbox should be located in the engine bay. After extensive testing, we found that our carbon fibre canister filters worked the best. The filter element itself is provided by Pipercross, and is fully serviceable or replaceable if necessary. The pipe work of the kit runs around the cold side of the engine, this again is to keep intake temperatures down as low as possible. In total, we observed intake temperatures fall from 32°C down to 26°C. These numbers will come down further still with the addition of our intercooler upgrade. You can find a replacement filter here.

Utilizing the superb 100% carbon fibre cannister and Forge High Flow filter (you can find a replacement here) we unleashed an impressive 6bhp increase on independent dyno testing.

The design of this kit has also introduced some excitement to the driving experience with a subtle yet characterful induction roar when on harder acceleration.



You will be very happy with the visual impact with the kit upon opening the bonnet. Every part of the kit from the handmade aluminium hard pipe to the bespoke silicon hose and the carbon fibre filter both look and feel high quality - quite simply, because they are!

The kit comes complete with everything you need for installation on LHD vehicles, which can be carried out in around 40 minutes, including a set of full colour instructions.

When fitting the filter to its counterpart please ensure you do not over tighten the hose clamp connecting them. Doing so could result in the part being crushed, leading to fitment and/or performance issues. The recommended torque setting for this hose clamp is 2-2.4Nm



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