VAG 1.0 TSI Induction Kit


Code: FMINDK39

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  • Lifetime warranty*
  • The filter is manufactured to Forge’s specifications by Pipercross (a replacement filter can be found here)
  • Washable and reusable design.
  • Layered multi-density foam technology.
  • Designed and manufactured in Great Britain.
  • Improvement in engine power and torque.
  • Designed to flow stronger for longer.
  • Fitting is straightforward and can be completed in 20-30 minutes.
  • This kit requires no cutting or modification to the vehicle, allowing it to be reversed back to stock.


FMINDK39 is the long-awaited Forge induction kit for the VAG 1.0 TSI, including the Seat Ibiza Mk5. Our induction kit is an evolution of the FMINDK30 used for the VW UP! GTI. There are two key changes from that kit; the main and most important change is the incorporation of the OEM air duct which allows the kit to fit up to the original cold air ducting. The second alteration is the inclusion of a lid to the heat shield which has been selected to retain as much of the cold air flowing into the airbox as possible.

After time spent on the dyno, we achieved gains of 5 bhp and 6lbft torque throughout the rev range which is extremely pleasing results not to mention the improved sound track our intake gives this punchy little 1.0 litre engine - higher gains can be expected from mapped cars.

The Forge silicone hose has a larger bore and smooth finish inside giving optimum flow and comes in a choice of three colours: black, red, or grey. The construction of this hose has been engineered to exceed that of the OEM fitments and will enhance any car engine bay both technically and aesthetically.

Why not add gold tape to the underside of the aluminium housing to further reflect any heat soak from the engine. The gold tape comes on a 5 metre roll allowing you to apply it to the underside of your Forge intake.

Please note, if your engine looks like the picture below FMINDK39 and FMDV18 is not compatible.

If your engine looks like the picture below, FMINDK39 and FMDV18 is compatible.

Complementary Products

As the engine does not have a diverter valve fitted as standard, Forge Motorsport have developed a twin piston dump valve that not only gives you an incredibly loud sound when lifting off the throttle but it also increases the throttle response during gear changes by reducing turbo lag, it is designed to help the turbocharger maintain its rotational speed ready for when you accelerate, as well as prolonging the life of your turbo.

The OEM turbo inlet part has a detrimental effect to the engines performance especially when tuned. For the best possible gains, we removed the chamber allowing us to increase the volume and air flow significantly. Our hose design also has an internal stepped area where it is positioned and joined to the turbo housing, this is to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible from the inlet tract to the turbo.



  • Seat
    • Arona > 1.0 TSI
    • Ateca > 1.0 TSI
    • Ibiza > Mk5 (KJ) 2017 - late 2021 > 1.0 TSI
  • Skoda
    • Kodiaq > 1.0 TSI
    • Scala > 1.0 TSI
  • Volkswagen
    • Golf > MK7 > 1.0 TSI
    • Golf > MK7.5 > 1.0 TSI
    • Polo > 1.0 TSI 
    • T-Cross > 1.0 TSI
    • T-Roc > 1.0 116PS