Uprated Intercooler for the Ford Ranger T7 2018 Onwards

£545.82 £409.37

Code: FMINT20

This will fit OEM part number JB3G-6K775-AC

A superbly hand fabricated and British manufactured intercooler designed for Deranged trucks and suitable for the Ford Ranger T7 2018 Onwards with either the 2.0 single or twin turbo Ecoblue. With owners pushing high torque figures and running plenty of boost through engine software re-calibration, the OEM intercooler end tanks can suffer from fatigue very quickly. The last thing an owner needs is to have their truck out of action due to a severe boost leak from the plastic end tanks cracking then failing. With this in mind, Forge Motorsport have re designed the OEM cooler with a 37% larger core and 31% bigger surface area to ensure your engine and inlet air temps stay as cool as possible. This core combined with our strong end tanks is the perfect solution for any Ford Ranger T7 owner ensuring the intercooler will NOT fail running high boost and of course is backed by our lifetime warranty.

Available in our textured finish black powder coat for maximum longevity.



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