Uprated Intercooler for the EA888 2.0 TSI engine



*This product has now been superseded by FMINT32*

This is our intercooler for the Volkswagen Mk7 Golf, Mk7R, Tiguan, Audi TT MK3 2.0 TSI and S3 8V, as well as the Skoda Kodiaq, fitted with the EA888 2.0 TSI engine. Volkswagen group changed just about everything from the Mk6 to the Mk7 chassis, so this core had to be designed from scratch in order to fit in with the redesigned radiator and condenser.

  • Gains of 16bhp
  • Temperature drops of 25-30°C
  • Reduced turbo lag, increased response
  • Greater overall surface area for greater heat dissipation
  • Utilising a race specification bar and plate construction air core
  • High flow cast end tanks ensuring optimum air transition for cooling efficiency
  • Dyno proven horsepower and torque gains
  • Provides smoother power curve
  • Dimensions: 650x420x50mm
  • Includes necessary hardware and instructions for installation

Designed for performance and reliability, the core fits in the stock location meaning cooling is radically improved over OEM. Our test Golf Mk7 GTI achieved gains of up to 16bhp more* without any other modifications whilst also demonstrating a consistent 25-30°C temperature drop* over stock on the dyno, with all runs performed on the same day with only a 2°C variation in ambient temperature over the runs (in fact it was 2°C hotter when we tested the Forge core). You can also see the temperature drop comparison of the stock and Forge cores in the graph below. 

*gains will vary per car model and conditions

The stock core typically increased in temperature by 5°C on each subsequent run, with heat soak becoming a real issue after only three runs. The stock ECU was pulling timing and boost after only one run – typically anything over 40°C inlet temperature will cause the ECU to change ignition timing to suit – and the stock core peaked at 60°C on its first run, where the Forge core was able to get temperatures back under control after each run so that by the end of 4 back to back runs the core temperature had only risen by 4°C.

All of this was achieved on a stock car (it should be noted that although Volkswagen claim 220bhp for this new engine we have seen examples range from 230 to 240bhp completely stock, on the same rolling road). We are confident that the core will continue to deliver a much lower intake charge temperature than stock across all states of tune, as it's based on our award winning Mk5/Mk6 intercooler which has been fitted with great success on everything from road and track cars, to full blown race and drag cars.

So, what other reasons do you have to purchase this intercooler? All Forge intercoolers are designed and hand fabricated in the UK to ensure perfect quality and fitment. Made in England, guaranteed for life. Combining our decades of experience in motorsport engineering and CAD flow simulation software, we have designed and tested the ultimate intercooler for your vehicle, incorporating the latest technology in bar and plate cores. The intercooler core is then complimented with our high flow end tanks. With the extra intercooler capacity, remapping your vehicle would bring further performance gains. 

The core and end tanks are finished in black textured anti corrosion coating, which not only looks superb, but also gives this product added longevity in the harshest of environments. Our intercoolers are tested on the dyno against the stock cooler to measure the gains in power and reduction in temperatures. These tests are repeated until we are confident we can provide an industry leading product!

*Please note - This will not fit Audi S3 facelift 2017 onwards - Some modification to Audi S3 and TTS may be necessary*

⭐ Excellent product, fairly easy to fit, good kit, I also fitted the long inlet pipe. Professional company I would recommend happily, thanks again ⭐­

⭐­ One of the best Intercoolers. I think its better then other Aftermarket IC ⭐

⭐­ Simply high quality product. Ambient temp around 10 degree. During long acceleration temperature falling. We think its the best product in Europe ⭐­

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Complimentary Products

To perfectly compliment this intercooler, we have a range of other performance and aesthetically enhancing products. One of our most popular products is the carbon fibre intake. It offers greater sound from the engine, particularly when on boost, and our product testers have reported a more responsive throttle too. The filter element itself is provided by Pipercross, and is fully serviceable or replaceable if necessary. In our testing, it was the only filter type that was able to offer adequate filtration to the engine, whilst still being capable of flowing enough air to offer an increase in horsepower and torque.

One of the easiest upgrades you can make to your vehicle is the utilisation of the Forge panel filter. The filter is made using a high-quality, high-flow, synthetic nanofiber filtration media which is then pleated to maximise the effective surface area which in turn increases air flow. This was tested up against many other medias to where we found the synthetic nanofiber filtration media outperformed all others. 


Another brilliantly simple and cost effective upgrade for this application is our turbo blanket. Designed by the Forge development team on the Forge VW Golf MK1 race car in the harshest of environments and exceeding all expectations, the Forge turbo blanket is designed to assist in the protection and prolonging the life of the engine components.

Another performance enhancing and cost effective upgrade is our high flow inlet hose. The high flow intake hose eliminates the highly restrictive plastic inlet pipe, and replaces it with our smooth bore multi-ply silicone hose which increases air flow, improving efficiency and performance. This equates to increases of up to 10hp which is a remarkable gain for an easy to fit bolt on modification.



  • Audi
    • S3 > 2.0 TSI (8V Chassis)
    • TT > Mk3 > 2.0 TSI 2015 Onwards
    • TTS > Mk3 8S (2014-2021)
  • Skoda
    • Kodiaq > 2.0TSI (EA888 Gen 3)
  • Volkswagen
    • Golf > MK7 > GTI
    • Golf > MK7 > GTI Clubsport ED40
    • Golf > MK7 > R
    • Golf > MK7.5 > GTI 
    • Golf > MK7.5 > R
    • Tiguan > 2.0 TSI 2017 Onwards