Honda Civic Type R FK2 Intercooler


Code: FMINT3

With our extensive development, we were very eager to use our wealth of knowledge to extract the best possible results from the Turbo charged Honda Civic Type R. Immediately we were able to increase the size of the core, allowing much more surface area and cooling efficiency than the stock core. Our intercooler now uses up all the space that Honda had failed to take advantage of.

The bar and plate core measures a massive 660x150x120 wide and has up to a huge 100% more volume. The ducting completely surrounds the grill ensuring all of the air coming in the front of the car passes through the intercooler. The end tanks are designed such that the standard boost hoses can be retained, and are of cast aluminium construction. To ensure that this monster is adequately supported, the OEM mounting points are reused, which also eases the installation process. Total fitting time is only around 3 hours if you take your time, and can be fitted on a driveway if necessary.

We have seen good power increases, and large temperature drops were achieved compared to the stock core, though it will really come into its own on a remapped engine!

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"Highest quality! Finally a great tuning product that does not need modification on a stock car. Easy installation, perfect fit. Performs as expected. Highly recommended."

"Fantastic product and extremely well made and designed. Big thankyou to Luke at forge who worked late to fit for me"



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