Intercooler for Audi A4/A5 2.0 TSI 2021- (150/190/245/252 BHP)


Code: FMINT26

  • Hand fabricated in the UK
  • Stepped core design
  • 139% capacity increase over the OEM intercooler
  • Gains of 5bhp (see description for more information)
  • Gains of up to 10NM (see description for more information)
  • Lifetime warranty

FMINT26 is our intercooler upgrade for the Audi A4 TFSI 2020 (150/190/245/252 BHP) onwards and replaces the OEM part 8W0 145 805 AD. Our objective as always was to improve and maximise the cooling efficiency to increase the vehicles performance as well as manufacture a product to the highest standard. Utilising our highly skilled CAD team and fabrication department we went to work designing an intercooler which would occupy the original space without the need to modify the vehicle, while at the same time design a product with a greater capacity core for the optimum performance. 

Utilising our industry leading bar and plate design alongside Solidworks CAD and flow simulation design (Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD) to develop a smooth flowing end tank design. The sheet metal construction was chosen to help with heat dissipation along with its weight saving properties.  The bar and plate core has over 139% more volume and an increase of frontal surface area over 38% (over the stock cooler). This cleaver design manages to increase volume without any modification to the vehicle, FMINT26 is a direct fit.

We have teamed up with our good friends at Avon Tuning for the development of this project. We used their vehicle and Dimsport 4WD hydraulically linked Dyno for testing. We saw gains of 5bhp of power and 5.2Nm of torque on a vehicle running standard software, but this only tells half the story, it’s where the gains are made that’s most important. From 3000rpm is where the improvements start to happen and consistently grow all the way to the rev limiter. It this area where the TFSI engine feels its weakest in stock form so with the addition our intercooler this is a welcome improvement. Adding Stage one software and an aftermarket exhaust system will really unlock the full potential of the intercooler and the Audis engine power unit. IATs (inlet air temperatures) were logged, and we saw consistent improvement here also.

FMINT26 is finished in our black anti-corrosion powder coating which not only helps preserve this intercooler from harsh environments it also aids its thermal properties and as with all Forge Motorsport fabricated products this intercooler has the legendary Forge Lifetime warranty.

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  • Audi
    • A4 > 2.0 TSI 2021
    • A5 > 2.0 TSI 2021