Induction Kit for VAG 1.0 TSI Late 2021, 2022-


Code: FMINDK52

FMINDK52 is the Forge Motorsport cold air induction system for the 2022 onwards 1.0 TSI engine found in a large selection of vehicles from the VW, Audi, Skoda, and Seat range. With the highly successful FMINDK30 and FMINDK39 induction kits for the previous generation 1.0 TSI VAG vehicles there has been a large demand for Forge Motorsport to develop an improved air intake system for the latest VAG power unit. 

As with all manufacturers in recent times, the need to make smaller capacity engines more powerful with better efficiency has been their top priority. To achieve these goals, the OEM design engineers must maximise the space to its fullest, which in turn creates more of a challenge for the aftermarket manufacturers and tuners to improve what is already fitted to the vehicle. Nonetheless, this has not stopped us at Forge Motorsport! Even with plenty of expertise from past developments with the previous small capacity VAG engines, this new power unit needed an extensive amount of testing time to ensure we produced a product that provided genuine improvements over the standard air box. 

The CAD designed, laser cut, and precision folded heat shield is designed to form a barrier between the air inlet tract and radiant heat from the engine. It also helps duct the cold air to the air filter, to preserve low intake temperatures, which in-turn creates more power. Finished in our black textured powder coating, this creates a product with an OEM look and quality. This kit is offered with our Forge high flow, pleated, synthetic nanofiber filtration filter, which has been manufactured for optimum size and fit to the available space giving superior flow and filtration with enhanced breathing for the 1.0 turbo charged engine.  

Alternatively, there is our foam filter option available soon that has been exclusively manufactured by Pipercross. During dyno testing we tried several filter options and we found that neither filter excelled over the other with results being almost identical throughout the rev range. Both the filters offered can be oiled by the end user to prevent fine dust commonly found in hot climates from entering the inlet tract. Testing was completed using Performance Remap in Gloucester with their VTEC 4 wheel drive dynamometer. This was to ensure all our data has been achieved with results as accurately as possible by an independent tuner. You can find a replacement filter for this kit here 

The dyno graph below shows torque gains at 2600RPM all the way to redline, with a gain of nearly 10NM from between 3000RPM and 3500RPM. This gain is very beneficial as it is consistently higher than stock from turbo spool up through to full boost, resulting in noticeably sharper acceleration and a more exhilarating experience for the driver, as typically this is where true power gains can be felt when behind the wheel.  

The Forge Motorsport induction kit FMINDK52 includes all the necessary hardware and step by step installation instructions for any car enthusiast with basic garage tools to fit at home, in just a couple of hours!  



  • Audi
    • A1 > A1 25/30 1.0 TSI/TFSI 2022- (GB)
    • A3 > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • Q2 > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
  • Seat
    • Arona > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • Ateca > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • Ibiza > Mk5 (KJ) 2021- > 1.0 TSI
    • Leon > Mk4 2022- > 1.0 TSI
  • Skoda
    • Fabia > PJ 2022- > 1.0 TSI
    • Kamiq > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • Karoq > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • Octavia > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • Scala > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
  • Volkswagen
    • Golf > MK8 > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • Polo > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • T-Cross > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • T-Roc > 1.0 TSI (2022-)
    • Taigo > 1.0 TSI (2022-)