Atmospheric Dump Valve for Micra IG-T 90 Tekna and Renault Clio 0.9 TCE


Code: FMDV15

We recommend servicing your valve every 3 years, or 20,000 miles, whichever comes sooner

As we endeavour to continue our innovation, existing products are no exception. Therefore, we have now released the all new version of “FMDV004.” It has been difficult to improve upon this market leading design, but we have done just that, offering improved dual piston action with increased response time resulting in an very audible blow off sound when the throttle is lifted. In addition, we now include an extensive fitting kit for easy conversion from a stock recirculation valve to this compact blow off valve.


  • Improved external aesthetics
  • A myriad of incremental engineering enhancements to all internal components have been carried out to offer faster response times and longer service intervals
  • The piston uses heat stabilised Viton O-rings
  • A super durable and responsive aluminium piston
  • A fully serviceable valve that is rebuildable in minutes
  • Covered by the unique Forge Lifetime Warranty*

*Terms and conditions apply. 

In the Box

1x FMDV15 Atmo Valve
1x Length of silicone hose 
1x Silicone blanking cap
1x Brass T-Peice
1x 25mm Ally Blanking Plug
2x Hose clamps
10x Cable ties
1 x Forge Sticker

Please note that all Forge Motorsport Dual-Piston Atmospheric Valves have been designed and built with the intent of venting 100% of the residual charge air remaining in your forced induction system to the atmosphere at throttle lift. While we have incorporated many elements into the design of the Dual-Piston valves to aid in their compatibility with mass air-flow sensor equipped vehicles, we cannot always guarantee that everyone’s application will be compatible with a valve that vents the charge air into the atmosphere.

Forge Motorsport nor any of its Authorised Distributors can assume any responsibility for any adverse effects resulting from the installation of this valve onto a vehicle whose engine-management-system, whether factory or aftermarket, is not capable of compensating for the loss of metered air through a vent-to-atmosphere valve such as this.



  • Nissan
    • Micra > IG-T 90 Tekna
  • Renault
    • Clio > Mk4 > 0.9 TCE 2012-